The Bear Necessities For Your Lodge


You would have to love the black bear to go this far with your d├ęcor. And yet, it has been done. To others it might seem quite outrageous, walking in to someone’s home only to find himself surrounded by bear. Black bears, grizzly bears, koala bears, polar bears and all the like. Call this home decorator the bear fanatic. Whether he had his bear wits about him or not is not up for discussion. Because for him, it has been a case of addressing his bear necessities. Well, at least he loves the bear.

When you think about it, bears around the world are feeling the pinch. Their species are under threat as more and more urban centers crop up closer and closer to their natural surroundings. It all seems quite unfair, having your traditional hibernation disturbed like this. The black and grizzly bears are famous for this. They love to take their long, winter naps. And you dare not disturb them. All the bears want is to be left alone in piece. And when they are awake, they want to be able to go fishing in peace too.

black bear decor

So do give the poor old papa bear a break. He’s got kids to see to as well. Maybe just one or two at this point in time, but, there you go. It might seem crazy to others to have carvings and busts and pictures of bear all over the place but it would be entirely appropriate for you to establish some kind of grizzly or black bear decor in your lodge or establishment. It fits like a puzzle, especially during the winter months when what is left of the forests’ bears have all gone soundly to sleep, trying to address their bear necessities of life.