Feathers Of Birds Used For Three Different Purposes


rooster feathers

Birds of a feather, they flock together. Of course, you would have heard that expression before. And if you are a social bird, you may have been taunted and teased by others. Oh but you already knew. They are such dullards, aren’t they? Do not show them the life of a party for they may just kill it with their party pooping mannerisms.

In old days gone by, in some royal houses, you would have been lucky to get away with the gentlest of tickles across your cheeks with a pair of rooster feathers. It was a regal expression of disagreement or disapproval, nothing more.

No, bird’s feathers; rooster feathers, peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, they’re all the life of a party, especially those high-faluting fancy dress up ones. All snooty and snotty, as they like to say. But no way, Jose, birds’ feathers have always been great for sprucing up the formalities.

And they are not just used for party wear, you know. You’ll see some of the most attractive ladies in town wearing these feathers as part of their d├ęcolletage. And while clothes maketh the man, you’ll even see some of today’s men with the more outrageous of tastes today wearing the feathers. But then there are always those who do not seem to have much time for parties and dressing up.

No, they’ve got plenty of housework to do today. The feather duster certainly comes in handy, gives a good dusting and all. And it’s handy for those grownup boys and girls who, ahem, like to play make-believe games with each other, if you catch the drift. But most folks seem to look forward to the dinner table, particularly at those most festive occasions of the year.